Our Philosophy

Holistic mental health and addiction treatment is not just a buzzword at Promises Scottsdale. We recognize that the physical, mental and existential needs of each individual are intertwined, each one influencing the others. We offer gender-separate programming and residences — a men’s program, women’s program and executive men’s program — so you can focus on healing all parts of yourself in a safe space, without distraction. Speak Confidentially with a Promises Scottsdale Recovery Advisor at 888-478-0036.

At Promises Scottsdale, our client assessments focus on:

Body: How are you feeling physically? We ensure you are as comfortable as possible so you can focus on recovery rather than symptoms.

Mind: Are there issues influencing your choices that need to be addressed? Untreated depression, unresolved trauma and anxiety are some examples of problems that can lead to self-medicating with alcohol, drugs, eating disorders, love addiction, and other destructive behaviors.

Spirit: Are you feeling disconnected from yourself and others? We help you make space in your life for reflection so you can address these feelings. Many people who come to Promises Scottsdale say they have felt alone in a crowd and struggled to find meaning in their lives.

Our goal is to guide you to a new sense of self by making positive life changes and maintaining sobriety. We encourage you to take personal responsibility for your behaviors and decisions but also address the issues that may have led to these behaviors. Speak Confidentially with a Promises Scottsdale Recovery Advisor at 888-478-0036.

Addiction, eating disorders and other destructive behaviors are often a maladaptive coping skill. If we don’t address the issues that motivated you to use these means to cope, we can’t give you the tools you need to succeed. At Promises Scottsdale, we encourage you to risk, trust, feel and build community. Our gender-separate programs and residences allow you to address issues and share openly in a safe space, free from distractions. In this setting, you can embark on a voyage of self-realization, liberty and accomplishment.