Our admissions team is available around the clock to answer any questions you may have. Please don’t hesitate to call us at 888-478-0036. We’ve also listed some commonly asked questions below.

Do You Accept Insurance?
Yes. We accept several PPO insurance plans. We’ll work directly with your insurance provider to determine the maximum coverage you’re entitled to under your plan. Learn more about the insurance carriers we work with or simply call us at 888-478-0036 for a free insurance benefits check.

How Much Does Treatment Cost?
Cost varies based on the level of care you require (inpatient drug rehab, outpatient addiction treatment, eating disorder treatment, primary mental health treatment, etc.) and length of stay. We’re committed to helping you get the most effective treatment possible while staying within your budget. The best way to get an accurate estimate of mental health and addiction treatment cost is to call our admissions representatives for a free, confidential consultation and insurance benefits check. 888-478-0036

Are Your Programs Gender-Separate?
Yes. All residences and treatment programs are same-sex.

Where Will I Live?
Clients in our Arizona inpatient treatment program live in comfortable residences with other clients of the same gender. Check out photos and descriptions of our women’s residence, men’s residence and men’s executive residence.

How Long Is Treatment?
Treatment length varies for each client and is based on clinical need. On average, treatment stays at our Arizona drug rehab and mental health facility range between four and six weeks.

Are Your Mental Health and Addiction Programs Holistic?
Yes. Our programs are carefully designed by medical and mental health professionals to address your physical, emotional and spiritual needs in recovery. We draw upon traditional and alternative approaches to help you heal mind, body and spirit while developing healthy coping skills. Learn more about our holistic approach and our treatment philosophy.

What Does Holistic Drug Rehab Treatment Mean?
Drug and alcohol addiction affects all aspects of the person: their mind, their body and their sprit. A holistic approach to drug and alcohol rehab considers all of these needs. Instead of just eliminating the symptoms of addiction, we draw upon therapies that heal the whole person. Learn more about holistic addiction treatment.

Will I Get To Exercise?
Yes. We encourage physical activity as an important component of treatment and recovery. You’ll engage in regular recreation and fitness activities. Our men’s executive residence includes an onsite gym. Other clients have access to an offsite gym.

What Is the Daily Schedule Like?
Days are full of recovery activities and opportunities for growth. Schedules vary by program, day of the week and individual treatment plans. Read about a typical day in treatment.

Do You Treat Mental Health Disorders?
Yes. We are specially trained and licensed to treat primary mental health issues like anxiety, depression, love addiction, intimacy disorders and mood disorders. We treat these conditions as stand-alone issues or as co-occurring disorders that occur with alcohol and drug addiction and eating disorders. Learn more.

Do You Offer Detox?
We have relationships with several respected drug and alcohol detox centers. Please call our recovery experts for a referral 888-478-0036. We’ll work directly with the drug detox facility to ensure a smooth transition into drug rehab treatment.

What Is the Food Like?
All meals are prepared by professional chefs and are both nutritious and delicious.

How Is Family Involved in Treatment?
We offer family groups and visitation time with families every Friday.

Can I Smoke Cigarettes?
Yes. You may smoke in designated smoking areas.

Can I Use My Cell Phone?
Every residence includes a landline and computer. You’ll have designated time to use these each day as deemed clinically appropriate by your primary therapist. Clients in our executive program may use cell phones as clinically appropriate to attend to business needs.

The first three days of treatment is a “blackout period.” No phone or computer use is allowed. This is to help you get some space from potential stressors, focus on preparing for your recovery journey and develop strong connections within Promises Scottsdale treatment community.

Call us to learn more about our programs and get a free, confidential assessment. 888-478-0036