Do I Need an Intervention?

How do you break through the denial of someone who’s addicted to drugs? How do you help him or her see the dangerous and progressive nature of addiction?

If your loved one is caught in the trap of addiction-induced denial, he or she may not be able to recognize the need for help, nor understand how to pursue it; the addict won’t and can’t acknowledge a problem at all. Addiction is characterized precisely by this kind of deception, and it can be a very difficult wall to break through. The addict often needs outside help to see the truth of his or her condition and the pain it is causing family and friends. This is where an intervention can be particularly useful and even lifesaving. Speak Confidentially with a Promises Scottsdale Recovery Advisor at 888-478-0036.

The intervention is a formal, planned meeting involving a small cohort consisting of any of the following: family members, friends, clergy and, if desired, a professional interventionist. The primary goal is to discuss recovery options with the addict in a safe setting and in a nonaccusatory way. This step is often preceded by people sharing with the addict how his or her addiction has affected their relationship. The point of the intervention is never to shame or berate the addict but to help him or her see the real nature of the problem, present treatment options and encourage and empower the addict to make the decision to seek help. Ninety-two percent of those who go through an intervention proceed to treatment.

It’s customary for those who have been asked to be a part of the group that will take turns talking with the addict to meet in advance to script what each person will say and to determine which treatment suggestions will be offered. Mutually they will decide the direction the intervention should take and the objectives they hope to achieve.

Is It Time to Consider an Intervention for an Alcohol-or-Drug Addicted Loved One?

• Are you concerned about a loved one’s escalating alcohol or drug addiction?
• Is a loved one’s addiction putting you or other family members in danger?
• Do you feel the addict has crossed the line?
• Have you had enough of the pain and destruction?

Addiction is a progressive illness; it gets worse, not better. Despite the best of intentions, addictions do not heal on their own; left untreated, they can result in death. If your loved one needs help and he or she can’t see it, an intervention is something you can do to help and save your loved one’s life. Speak Confidentially with a Promises Scottsdale Recovery Advisor at 888-478-0036.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by staging an intervention. We will help you through this; you’re not alone. The Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Programs at Promises Scottsdale have helped hundreds of addicts achieve long-term sobriety and reclaim their lives. What are you waiting for?