What Are the Signs of Drug Addiction?

Drug addiction is a complex problem that affects people from every walk of life. It doesn’t discriminate by economic status, ethnicity, gender or age, but once it has you in its grasp, it can leave you feeling isolated, helpless and ashamed. Here at Promises Scottsdale, we understand how difficult it can be to regain control, and we are equipped to support you in your struggle to recover. Speak Confidentially with a Promises Scottsdale Recovery Advisor at 888-478-0036.

How Does It Happen?

Most drug addictions start with what might have seemed like a harmless experimentation or social use of a drug. In some cases, drug abuse starts when a person is prescribed powerful mood-altering drugs such as benzodiazapines or opiates and takes these longer than needed or increases dosage beyond what the doctor recommends. When you use a drug to get high, it causes the dopamine in your brain to spike, which can trigger feelings of euphoria. We get a similar surge of good feelings when we consume food or experience orgasm, both of which are essential to survival. Your brain remembers this pleasure rush and wants it again and again. While there are many different types of drugs, the symptoms of drug abuse are similar:

  • Neglecting responsibilities at home, work or school because of your drug use
  • Using in dangerous situations such as driving
  • Taking risks while high (using dirty needles, having unprotected sex)
  • Getting into trouble with the law (arrests for possession, DUIs)
  • Continuing to use even though it’s causing relational and social problems

If you continue to use more frequently, the substance actually takes on the same significance in the brain as other things important to survival, such as food and water. It also interferes with your brain’s ability to make good decisions and even to feel normal without it. Gradually, getting and using the drug takes on more importance than anything else in your life, including your friends and family and your career. It can even compromise your health and destroy happiness. It is very difficult to tell when you have become addicted, but if you recognize yourself in any of the following signs of addiction, we can help:

  • Find that you need more and more of the drug to experience the same effect
  • Are consumed by making sure you have access to the drug
  • Experience withdrawal symptoms if you are not able to get the drug (trembling, sweats, headache, hallucinations, moodiness, depression)
  • Tried to stop using, but are unable to follow through no matter how hard you try
  • Lost interest in the people and hobbies you used to enjoy
  • Continue using even though you know it’s damaging to your health and wellbeing

At Promises Scottsdale, we understand that what was originally a choice has turned into a physical and psychological need. And we can provide the support, encouragement and guidance to help you break free of drug addiction. Speak Confidentially with a Promises Scottsdale Recovery Advisor at 888-478-0036.