Located in the peaceful, serene setting of the Sonoran desert, our private, gender-separate drug and alcohol rehab center and mental health treatment facility has provided a safe, healing place to recover to thousands of people. Restorative community spaces, three separate residences for men and women, crystal clear pools and welcoming grounds are a backdrop for the comprehensive addiction treatment that sets Promises Scottsdale apart from other drug rehabs and mental health treatment facilities. Speak Confidentially with a Promises Scottsdale Recovery Advisor at 888-478-0036.

In contrast to many hospital-like treatment settings, we provide all the comforts of home, such as luxurious beds, spacious and well-appointed bathrooms, private gourmet chefs, relaxing lounge rooms and private counseling rooms. This helps you place your focus on  treatment and sobriety rather than on  living arrangements. At Promises Scottsdale, we have created an environment that values respect and dignity as the cornerstones of quality mental health and addiction treatment.

Gender-Separate Residences

We believe gender-separate treatment and residences are critical to an effective, thorough treatment experience. This type of environment encourages open, honest communication and recovery work without the inhibitions and distractions the opposite sex can bring. We offer separate residences and programs for men and women, giving you the opportunity to share freely, be vulnerable and heal wholly. Men have the option of residing at our main men’s house or at our more private, resort-like executive men’s house. Women also have their own private housing with all the comforts of home.

Ready to Begin Your Recovery?

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