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Waiting just one day could mean life or death for your loved one. We provide
comprehensive opiate rehab treatment that gives your loved one a second chance.

Waiting just one day could mean life or death for your loved one.

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clients treated at our facilities*
combined years treating addiction**
client satisfaction***
clients treated at our facilities*
combined years treating addiction**
client satisfaction***

What We Offer

A treatment facility known for using an effective blend of traditional and
alternative therapies that empowers lifelong recovery for our clients.


& Outpatient




30, 60, 90
Day Programs



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Opiate Detox

We connect clients with a trusted opiate detox center that will provide a safe, comfortable and effective detox experience. After opiate detox, we’ll bring your loved one back to our facility for the next stage of treatment.

Why It’s Effective

Clients who have a comfortable opiate detox experience are more likely to continue treatment. That’s why we take every measure to make this first step a positive one.

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Opiate Rehab

We address the underlying issues so clients don’t need to depend on heroin, painkillers or other opiates. Using both traditional and alternative therapies, our addiction specialists help clients return to health and discover the many rewards of life in recovery.

Why It’s Effective

Addressing the reasons behind opiate abuse promotes long-term recovery. Clients are less likely to self-medicate when they are emotionally healthy.

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Evidence-Based Therapies

Clients engage in approaches shown to be successful in treating opiate, heroin and painkiller addiction. Some of these include cognitive behavioral therapy, Narcotics Anonymous, group therapy, one-on-one counseling and non-addictive, anti-craving medications (if needed).

Why It’s Effective

A wide selection of approaches helps clients tackle addiction from all angles and gives them a chance to discover what best supports their sobriety.

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Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Opiate abuse commonly co-occurs with mental health issues. Our psychiatric team is specially trained to accurately diagnose these disorders and uses evidence-based approaches to effectively treat both mental health disorders and opiate addiction.

Why It’s Effective

People with mental health disorders may unknowingly try to medicate their symptoms with drugs. Treating mental health as a whole instead of just the addiction promotes a more successful recovery.

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Family Therapy

We help families learn how to best support their loved one in recovery – and take care of themselves. Family members participate in family therapy via phone or in person. They also receive regular phone updates and opportunities to visit their loved one.

Why It’s Effective

Family support can increase a person’s chances of long-term recovery. Family therapy helps everyone recover together and learn how to best care for each other.

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Our program offers continuing care plans that include referrals to ongoing treatment, useful recovery resources, goal setting, re-intervention services and other support. We’ll help your loved one maintain their sobriety in the face of everyday challenges.

Why It’s Effective

Our continuing care services are based on principles that have been proven effective in supporting long-term recovery.

We Can Help
You During This
Difficult Time.

We Can Help
You During This
Difficult Time.


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Meet Dr. Sack

Chief Medical Officer

Qualifications: Dr. Sack obtained his medical degree from Rush Medical College and completed a residency in psychiatry at the UCLA-Neuropsychiatric Institute. He also served as the senior clinical scientist at The National Institute of Mental Health and served as the senior vice president for clinical research for Comprehensive Neurosciences.

Who he is: Through his expertise and highly respected name in the fields of addiction and behavioral health, Dr. Sack has in many ways helped to transform substance abuse treatment. His commitment is undying — and this is proven consistently through high success rates and innovative treatments.

Why he does it: Dr. Sack is known for his compassionate understanding of clients and their families. He has led our teams by developing programs that provide lasting personal change and growth. He has successfully driven his field to a new level of standards and a progressive new era, which others are now adopting.


We are proud that in surveying our clients, 87% stated they would recommend us to a friend
or family member. We believe this is the greatest testament to the compassionate care we offer.****

"Promises Scottsdale went above and beyond my expectations as a treatment center. My needs and goals were met and I was encouraged to dive deeper into my underlying issues. I was provided with a safe environment which to me was very important."

- Anonymous Alumnus
"I had a very positive experience here at Promises Scottsdale and a lot of guidance with big doses of reality. The AA and NA meetings in and out of the house were very well run and the staff (CR's) did a wonderful job. The food choices were very nice too."

- Anonymous Alumnus
"My whole experience was great. The atmosphere was great and it helped me focus on assignments that were given. The staff was courteous. The therapists were all great and the CR's made me feel wanted. Not another number."

- Anonymous Alumnus

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12816 E Turquoise Ave.
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