A Typical Day

Days at The Sundance Center are structured and filled with engaging recovery activities. You’ll address underlying issues that contribute to drug and alcohol addiction and gain healthy coping skills. While schedules vary by day, program and each person’s treatment plan, below is an example of what a typical day might look like.

  • Mornings

    Between 7 and 8 am you’ll get ready for the day and eat breakfast. All meals are prepared by our professional chefs and are healthy and delicious. Following the morning meal we usually have a sunrise group, which is a reflective time to set daily goals and remember one thing that is important to you to focus on during the day.

    At 9:15 am, you may participate in psychodrama or psychoeducational groups on addiction and mental health issues, nutrition and health, or relapse prevention. Afterward, you’ll have time to complete assignments or you may attend groups such as The Daring WayTM shame-resilience curriculum, more educational groups or grief and loss processing groups.

  • Afternoons

    Lunch is served from 12:30 to 1:30 pm. Following lunch, we offer a variety of process groups to explore difficulties that may be fueling your addiction and help you develop recovery skills. Group topics may include subjects such as intimacy and relationships, healthy lifestyle, spirituality, mindfulness, or more active groups like recreation therapy, psychodrama, visualization or relaxation. After early afternoon groups you may have individual therapy sessions or participate in yoga, 12-step study group, gym time, or work on past history and family dynamics projects.

  • Evenings

    Dinner is served at 5 or 5:30 pm. Evenings are restful with groups following dinner such as mindfulness, expressive therapies (art/music), spirituality or family groups, yoga, alumni speakers and independent study. Every evening you’ll participate in onsite or off-campus 12-step meetings. As the day winds down we’ll have sunset group, similar to sunrise group, where you’ll reflect on the day.


Weekend activities are similar to weekdays, with the addition of fun, sober activities like movie night. You’ll also have additional family groups and family visitation time as clinically appropriate.

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