Therapies at Promises Scottsdale

Our multidisciplinary treatment team understands that we’re all different and that a therapy that resonates with one client might be less effective for another. For this reason, we draw from an array of treatment options and create treatment plans that are comprehensive, effective and also adaptable, as your needs change over the course of recovery. Our gender-separate residences and programming helps you feel safe to engage in therapies and approaches fully, exploring difficult issues with less distractions and inhibitions.

Some of the traditional and alternative therapies and approaches we offer include:

Comprehensive Assessments

Using a full spectrum of assessments, we evaluate and shape the treatment approaches that are best suited to each client. The clinical team develops a tailor-made treatment plan, which is revisited and adjusted as we learn more about your needs. Speak Confidentially with a Promises Scottsdale Recovery Advisor at 888-478-0036.

Individual Therapy

One of the factors that differentiates Promises Scottsdale from other mental health and drug rehab programs is our high staff-to-client ratio and frequency of one-on-one counseling sessions, providing you exceptional individualized attention. Individual therapy gives you the opportunity to explore issues you may not feel comfortable discussing in group, identify self-defeating patterns of thinking and behavior, and develop healthier ways to cope.

Process Groups

In group therapy, you become part of a community of people on the same journey to healing. Our groups are goal-oriented, with specific tasks designed to move each participant forward in recovery. You’ll engage in a number of process-oriented groups that focus on different aspects of recovery such as spirituality, relapse prevention, intimacy and relationships and communication skills. Issues that arise in group are then discussed in-depth in individual sessions. Speak Confidentially with a Promises Scottsdale Recovery Advisor at 888-478-0036.

Psychiatric Care

Our psychiatrist is specially trained in a biopsychosocial approach to treatment. He will prescribe research-backed medications to help with mental health issues and withdrawal symptoms as clinically appropriate.

Family Therapy

Family support is an important part of long-term recovery. We offer a weekly family program and well as a monthly family day. Our full-day of family programming includes education on the neuroscience of addiction, topics such as healthy communication, information on the family systems theory, and education on the different roles loved ones play in conflict.

Art Therapy

In addition to traditional “talk therapy,” you’ll have opportunities to explore  thoughts and emotions through creative outlets such as art therapy. Many clients discover that art allows them to process deep-rooted emotions and express themselves in new ways. Learn more.

Mindfulness Meditation

A large and growing body of research shows the power of mindfulness meditation in addiction therapy to reduce stress and cravings, improve your ability to cope with triggers to drink or use, enhance self-awareness and improve decision-making skills. Learn more.

Equine Therapy

Equine therapy can help those struggling with a variety of psychological disorders, trauma and addiction. Facilitated by a trained, certified equine therapy specialist, you’ll learn to face fears, address emotional roadblocks and past trauma, and develop non-verbal communication skills and trust. Equine therapy provides an opportunity for metaphorical learning while processing emotions and experiences that arise with a therapist.

The Four Agreements

Based on the book “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz, we offer groups that encourage you to evaluate your attitudes and belief systems and consider alternative ways of thinking and engaging with others. Learn more.


Yoga is a restorative, healing practice for people recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. You’ll restore the connection between mind, body and spirit while reducing stress and regaining focus, flexibility and self-awareness.Learn more.

12-Step Recovery

We offer onsite and offsite 12-step groups, and introduce clients to 12-step alternatives, if desired. Speak Confidentially with a Promises Scottsdale Recovery Advisor at 888-478-0036.

The Daring WayTM

The Daring WayTM  shame-resilience curriculum is based on the work and research of best-selling author and renowned TED Talks speaker Dr. Brené Brown. These groups help you address underlying issues around shame that often come with addiction. Our therapists, specially certified in The Daring WayTM , will help you learn about the gifts in vulnerability and living authentically, and discover that your actions are separate from your authentic self. Learn more.

BrainPaint® Neurofeedback

Our specially trained therapists use BrainPaint®, a noninvasive neurofeedback technique where auditory and visual feedback helps train the  brain to produce more functional and adaptive patterns of brain waves. Neurofeedback can improve mood, increase confidence, enhance performance and memory, and decrease obsessive, addictive thoughts.


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a trauma-focused therapy that uses non-invasive bilateral stimulation of the eyes to help you reprocess difficult memories and emotions, and develop healthier perspectives. We have a therapist specially trained in EMDR who performs this therapy for individuals that have a clinical need for it after longer stays in treatment.


This experiential therapy draws upon role playing, guided drama and group dynamics to help you explore past experiences, psychological issues and emotional blocks. Within a supportive environment, under the guidance of a specially trained therapist, you’ll address past and potential future events. Speak Confidentially with a Promises Scottsdale Recovery Advisor at 888-478-0036.

Body Image/Disordered Eating Therapy

Often disordered eating patterns and poor body image accompany substance abuse in women. We help clients in our women’s program address these issues through educational and experiential approaches. Clients benefit from skilled staff including a dietitian with over 20 years of experience helping people with eating disorders.

Intimacy Disorders/ Sex Addiction Therapy

People who struggle with addiction may also have problematic behaviors around sex and intimacy. We offer specialized  groups for those with sex addictions, relationship issues and intimacy disorders led by experts in this area. 


Fitness is a key part of healing the body, relieving stress and practicing healthy lifestyle changes that you can continue after you leave treatment at Promises Scottsdale.

Food Experientials

Our dietician works with clients on meal planning. Clients prepare several of their own meals, family style.