Men’s Program

Our addiction and mental health treatment program for men provides a supportive, gender-separate environment for clients to recover. Men’s needs can be different than their female counterparts in early recovery. Our gender-separate program allows you to share candidly and dig deeper into underlying issues and situations specific to your gender, without distractions. Within a private and accepting setting, you’ll address substance abuse and any co-occurring mental health conditions as well as primary mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression, as well as trauma, sex addiction and relationship issues.

Key components of our men’s program include:

Individual and Group Therapy

You’ll engage in one-on-one therapy with your primary therapist as well as a number of process-oriented groups that focus on different aspects of recovery such as spirituality, relapse prevention, relationships and communication skills. We also offer onsite and offsite 12 step groups.

Holistic Therapies

Our therapeutic offerings promote physical, mental and emotional health. Our addiction and mental health team blends traditional and alternative approaches such as yoga, fitness and art therapy to encourage whole-person healing.


The Daring WayTM Shame-Resilience Curriculum

Our certified The Daring WayTM facilitator uses a shame-resilience curriculum developed by best-selling author and renowned TED Talks speaker Dr. Brené Brown. You’ll address underlying issues; learn to be vulnerable and manage shame; develop resiliency; and discover that your actions are separate from your authentic self. Learn more about The Daring WayTM .


You’ll have access to an onsite gym with the latest equipment. Fitness is a key part of healing the body, relieving stress and practicing healthy lifestyle changes that you can continue after you leave treatment at Promises Scottsdale.

Chef-Prepared Meals

Our gourmet chef prepares nutritious and delicious meals from wholesome, fresh ingredients.

Experiential Approaches

Through experiential therapies such as art therapy and equine therapy, you’ll explore new ways to communicate and express yourself and address underlying issues and challenges. We also integrate mindfulness activities into treatment, such as yoga and meditation to help you center, relax, and reconnect with mind, body and spirit.


Offered once a week, this experiential therapy draws upon role playing, guided drama and group dynamics to help you explore past experiences, psychological issues and emotional blocks. Within a supportive environment and under the guidance of a specially trained therapist, you’ll delve into the past and prepare for the future.

BrainPaint® Neurofeedback

Specially trained therapists utilize Brainpaint®, a noninvasive neurofeedback technique where auditory and visual feedback helps train the brain to produce more functional and adaptive patterns of brain waves. Neurofeedback can improve mood, increase confidence, enhance performance and memory, and decrease obsessive, addictive thoughts.

Family Program

Family is integrated throughout treatment. Our family program helps your loved ones learn how to support you in recovery while also learning to take care of themselves. We offer visitation opportunities, family therapy and family groups weekly, where families can connect with other families who have loved ones in recovery.


We’ll ensure you are connected with the proper resources to succeed in recovery after inpatient care. We also offer two weekly alumni meetings.

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