Women’s Program

Our addiction and primary mental health treatment program for women provides a safe, gender-separate environment that embraces women’s specific physical, mental, relational and spiritual needs. This nurturing setting allows you to feel safe and less reserved, which encourages more focused work on your specific issues. You’ll address substance abuse and co-occurring mental health conditions as well as primary mental health disorders like anxiety, depression, trauma, love addiction and intimacy disorders.

Holistic Therapies

Our therapeutic offerings promote physical, mental and emotional healing. In addition to traditional therapies like individual and group therapy, you’ll engage in alternative approaches like yoga, meditation and learn about nutrition and fitness. Read more about our holistic approach.

The Daring WayTM Shame-Resilience Curriculum

We have a certified The Daring WayTM facilitator who uses a shame-resilience curriculum developed by best-selling author and renowned TED Talks speaker Dr. Brené Brown. You’ll address underlying issues; learn to be vulnerable and manage shame; develop resiliency; and discover that your actions are separate from your authentic self. Learn more about The Daring WayTM .

Experiential Approaches

Experiential therapies such as equine therapy, art therapy and yoga help you express yourself in creative ways beyond just talk therapy. Experiential therapies encourage you to reconnect with your whole being — the physical, emotional and spiritual parts.


Group Therapy and Individual Therapy

You’ll attend one-on-one therapy sessions with a clinician to focus on issues needing special attention. You’ll also participate in group therapy. Our group therapy curriculum covers a number of topics such as relapse prevention, spirituality, effective communication, relationship issues and past trauma. We also offer onsite and off-campus 12 step groups.


Nutritious and delicious meals are prepared by our gourmet chef using wholesome, fresh ingredients. You’ll learn how proper nutrition can enhance recovery in the brain and body and acquire skills like grocery shopping and food preparation.


A noninvasive neurofeedback therapy, Brainpaint®  has been shown to improve mood, performance, memory and confidence as well as decrease ruminations around addictive thoughts. Auditory and visual feedback delivered by specially trained therapists helps train your brain to produce more functional and adaptive brain wave patterns.

Family Program

Family members learn how to support their loved one in recovery while also learning to take care of themselves. Your loved ones will be integrated throughout treatment. They can participate in weekly family groups, visitation and a full-day of programming once a month where they’ll learn about the science of addiction, how to best support you, and why addiction and mental health disorders are diseases of the family system.


In psychodrama, a supportive environment and specially trained therapist will help you explore potential future events and past experiences. The therapist serves as the director and other clients often play the actors in different real-life scenarios. You’ll explore emotional blocks, psychological issues and past experiences.

Disordered Eating Therapy

We offer specialized help for women with body image issues or disordered eating patterns. You’ll address the underlying issues that propel these behaviors and learn about nutrition and healthy eating habits. Our program includes sessions with a dietitian who has over 20 years experience helping people with eating disorders.


Our long-term commitment includes aftercare support for life. Following treatment, you may attend two weekly alumni meetings for as long as you’d like. We also make sure you are set up with the proper resources post-treatment so you are well-prepared to continue your recovery journey with the support you need.

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